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Wedding Planners

As part of our wedding packages, we connect you with a local wedding planner. The wedding planners in our network are experienced in the industry and knowledgeable about the local area they work in.

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What a Wedding Planner Does

Wedding Table - Wedding Project Management in Gold Coast, QLD
Weddings involve a lot of moving pieces. Your wedding will be unique to your tastes. There will always be many things to plan and consider, both leading up to the wedding and on the day itself.

Wedding planners are your connection to the planning and running of your wedding. Instead of handling all the details on your own, you’ll be supported by a wedding planner who is familiar with how weddings work, what’s involved, and how to get it done at the right time.
Wedding Table - Wedding Project Management in Gold Coast, QLD

There are two main times a planner will act:


From the moment the wedding planner is recruited, they will start working on settling the details of your big day. They will operate as the liaison between you and the venue, suppliers, vendors and others. You can avoid the stress of doing everything yourself and getting phone calls all the time to talk over the details. Your wedding planner is the central point of contact for everyone involved in the wedding.

Wedding planners don’t do things based on their own preferences and ideas. They consult with you ahead of time to know what you want out of your wedding, what your vision for the day is, and how you want it to go. Whenever there are decisions that need to be made that might affect the way your wedding goes, you’ll be consulted.

On the Day

If your package includes coordination on the day of the wedding, your wedding planner usually fills this role as well. On the day of, a wedding planner essentially works as the director, making sure everything is going on as planned throughout the ceremony and celebration. They know about all the details, the people involved, and the itinerary for the day, so they work to keep things flowing as planned. Having a wedding planner there on the day of your wedding is a relief for a bride and groom that don’t want to handle those little organising stresses on the best day of their lives.

A wedding planner is going to be your support through the entire wedding, and you can rely on them to make sure the day goes smoothly, just as you planned!

Once you’ve locked in your wedding package with Wedlock Collective, we’ll connect you with your own wedding planner. They will be your point of connection to suppliers, the venue, and every other detail involved for the wedding day.